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Projects underway at Ajin Mining Company

Sungun Copper Mine Sungun Copper Mine is located on the international metallurgical belt called Alpine Himalayas, in East Azarbaijan province, 105 km northeast of Tabriz, 75 km northwest of Ahar and 28 km north of Varzaghan. Ajin iron company has been operating in Sungun copper mine since February of the year. The total tonnage produced

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Records of Ajin Mining Company Projects

Extraction and loading and shipment of waste from the Meydok copper complex The contract was signed in 1373 between Ajin Mining Company and the National Iranian Copper Industries Company and ended in 1382. The total tonnage was 54,710,000 tons. Construction of the first phase of the Damok sediment dam The contract was signed in 1381

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Ajin Mining Company

Ajin Mining company currently has the highest ranking contractor from the Deputy Directorate for Strategic Planning and Control in field of land exploration, industry and mining and water. The company is an active member of Iran Mining House and Iran Mining and Mining Engineering System. Ajin Mining company has been able to receive satisfaction and

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