Production and Operating Activities in

Songoun Copper Mine

Geographic Position

Songhon copper mine is located in East Azerbaijan Province on global metallurgical belt called Alp-Himalaya.  It is located 105 kilometers north east of Tabriz, 75 kilometers north west of Ahar, and 28 kilometers north of Arzaghan at coordinates 46o 43’ East, latitude and 28o 42’ North, longitude.  Average elevation from sea level is 2000 meters and the elevation of the highest point is 2700 meters.

Weather Conditions

This mine is located in a rugged mountainous area with a freezing weather conditions during winter and temperate climate during summer.  The lowest recorded temperature during winter is -27 degrees and the highest temperature during summer is 30 degrees.  The highest precipitation in the area is 350 millimeters per year.  The relative humidity in the area varies from 52% to 85%.

Mining Program

Mining program in the area is planned according to the following plan.

  • The capacity of the concentration plant is based on input of seven million tons of ores per year.
  • Production of 150,000 tons of dried ores at 30% purity.
  • Total copper content of annual concentrate production to be 42,300 tons.
  • Average purity of feed is expected to be 7%

Subject of Contract

The relative contract was signed by Iran National Copper Industries and Ajin Ferro Mining Company for an annual mining operation of 7,500,000 cubic meters.  The contract is renewable for five years and covers excavation, blasting, gangue removal, and target metal extraction.

List of machineries deployed at Anghoran zinc and plumb mine

Drill      Wagons





Power Shovels

Dump Trucks

100 ton

Dump Trucks


Dump Trucks

32 ton









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