Projects underway at Ajin Mining Company

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Projects underway at Ajin Mining Company

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Sungun Copper Mine

Sungun Copper Mine is located on the international metallurgical belt called Alpine Himalayas, in East Azarbaijan province, 105 km northeast of Tabriz, 75 km northwest of Ahar and 28 km north of Varzaghan.

Ajin iron company has been operating in Sungun copper mine since February of the year.

The total tonnage produced by the company by the end of 1394 was 218,510,267 tons, of which 189,922,542 tons of waste and 28,587,725 tons of minerals.

The contract of 4147 dated 1/1/1390 concerning the drilling, blasting, dumping and extraction of 7,500,000 cubic meters per year at the Sungun Copper Complex is scheduled for 5 years.

With Supplement No. 2 dated 1393/3/19, the annual volume of extraction for 1993 and 94 was adjusted from 7,500,000 cubic meters to 10,000,000 cubic meters.

Addendum No. 3 of the contract is subject to the issue of the volume of harvest for a one-year period of 9,000,000 cubic meters and the duration of this addendum from 1.95 to 1.196.

The lead and zinc mine of Anguran

The Anguran lead and zinc mine is located 130 kilometers southwest of Zanjan and on the border with West Azarbaijan.

Access to the Zanjan-Dandi Asphalt Road Mine.

The total tonnage mined from the beginning of 2009 to the end of 1394 was 118,114,438 tons, of which 111,996,467 tons of waste and 6.117.971 tons of minerals were mined.

Ajin Mining company during the contract No. 24647 dated December 22, 2008, we have been operating between the Iranian Mineral Processing and Production Company, and with the contract No. 14020 dated 1391/7/11, by carrying out the operations of mining and extraction of minerals to Six million and five hundred thousand cubic meters for one year, and then from 12/13/2012, with the contract number 9211216 dated 1392/6/30, with the operation of dumping and extraction of minerals at an annual rate of six million and seven hundred thousand Cubic meters per year and renewable for up to two years.

Project of Gheshlagh Stage Reservoir Building

Gheshlag Dam is located 15 km north of Sahneh and 60 km from Kermanshah. The dam is of a pebble type with clay core, up to 70 meters high.

The purpose of the construction of the Gheshlag Reservoir Dam is to provide the agricultural land in the plains of the scene and part of Cham Chamal plain and the urban water requirement of the Sahneh. With the use of this dam, it is possible to adjust the surface water of the Maryam Neghar River and can cover the agricultural lands under the scope of the project.

Important Activities:

Activity description


Done year 1394

Cumulative value

Excavation and excavation

Cubic meter

           25,754     1,139,544
 Run Rockefeller Dam shells

Cubic meter

         194,711         485,235
 Clay core and strainer

Cubic meter

         101,439         191,252
 Run the body filter

Cubic meter

           29,633           43,454
 Run the A-Zone river crust 3

Cubic meter

           68,133         111,154
 Rip rap and rock protector

Cubic meter

             8,706           20,122
 Underground digging

Cubic meter

                    –             7,000


                    –             3,200

Sq. M

                    –             7,700
Drilling and injection

Meters long

             8,605           69,805


           30,951         369,255

Sq. M

             1,158             9,532
 Preparation of concrete and structural concrete

Cubic meter

                 401           19,618
Preparation of concrete and filling materials

Cubic meter

                 637           12,276
Preparing, Bending, Cutting and Threading Fittings


                    –             1,200

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